About Us

We grew up in Wilton and our love for the town inspired us to return to raise our family & open our first restaurant. The Schoolhouse grew out of a desire to create a fine dining experience for special nights out. Now that our family has grown (we have 4 busy children), we find ourselves looking for casual, family-friendly restaurants with healthy & delicious food that everyone can enjoy. This is the concept for Parlor. With a full bar and 40 seats, families & friends can gather to enjoy Neapolitan style pizza, hearty salads and small plates. We love local food. We love sustainably sourced food. We love our local farmers. And, most importantly, we love serving up creative and exceptional dishes to our friends and family.

Meet The Chef

Tim LaBant

After graduating from the Wilton School system and Wittenberg University, Tim began his culinary career in Boulder, Colorado where he developed his skills as a chef before leaving his passion behind for a job in corporate America. He moved on to accept a position with IBM, but after 3 years, yearned to return to the culinary field. He enrolled at Johnson & Wales University where he completed his formal culinary education, graduating with high honors and numerous awards. He went on to work with the Emmy Award winning Chef, Ming Tsai, best known for his popular television show “Simply Ming.” Tim also developed strong skills in French cuisine during his years as a chef at the Four Star and Five Diamond L’Espalier Restaurant in Boston. There, he worked under Chef/Owner Frank McClelland, which helped him develop big flavors using unique ingredients and a combination of new and classic techniques. In 2007 Tim and his wife Julia opened their first restaurant, The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, in Wilton, CT to rave reviews and numerous awards. Years later, the fantastic reviews still keep coming and Tim and his team of chefs continue to wow diners with amazing twists on simple and healthy ingredients. Tim continues his education by trailing in the kitchens of great restaurants like Le Bernardin, and Aureole, and building his library of cookbooks. Now, Tim is ready to take on a whole new ballgame with his latest endeavor, Parlor Pizza & Bar.


The Menu

Our menu, like our sister restaurant, The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, is based on seasonally available and locally sourced ingredients. We treat these ingredients simply and with the respect they deserve. Our inspiration is constantly changing as we discover new methods and new ideas, but our goal remains the same. Regardless of the techniques or the new modern technologies available to us, we aim to coax the most flavor from our ingredients to create truly delicious dishes.

Our Team

Chef’s Inspiration

We’ve been obsessed with Neapolitan style pies for years after eating at some of the top spots throughout New Haven and New York. Why the hell was it so good, and why after eating it, do I actually feel good? I’ve never had gluten issues but sometimes pizza from a regular pizza spot makes me feel like I’ve just eaten a boat anchor. I really knew nothing about pizza so I figured there had to be some magic ingredient.

It turns out that when it comes to exceptional pizza, everything matters, from the protein content in the flour, to the temperature of each ingredient you add, to the dough and perhaps most importantly, to the fermentation process. This process is the difference between feel good pizza and boat anchor pizza and may have nothing to do with gluten at all!




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